pátek 25. dubna 2008

Small Linux router

Možná si říkáte, proč na blogu, který je určen především Microsoft technologiím píšu o malých linuxových routerech? No, sám nevím... :-)

Samozřejmě, že vím. Občas prostě potřebujete routovat mezi sítěmi a nemůžete si dovolit pro to dedikovat vlastní velký RRAS nebo ISA Server.

Edice, které jsem níže vybral se dají umístit do virtuálního serveru a svoji roli plní bezezbytku i když se vejdou například na jednu disketu.

Používáte nějaké jednoduché linux routery vy?



SSH access for secure remote administration
RIP, BGP and OSPF routing
PIM-SM multicast routing
AODV routing for ad-hoc networks
GRE and IPIP tunneling


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Access lists, IP-masquerading (Network Address Translation), connection tracked packet filtering and (quite) advanced routing. Package for traffic shaping is also available.
Requires only a 386sx or better with two network interface cards, a 1.44MB floppy drive and 12MByte of RAM ( for less than 12M and no FPU, use the 1.0 series. )
Very simple packaging system. Is used for editors, PPP, VPN, traffic shaping and whatever comes up. (now this is looking even more like LRP (may it rest in peace) but floppyfw is not a fork.)
Logging through klogd/syslogd, both local and remote.
Serial support for console over serial port.
DHCP server and DNS cache for internal networks.


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fli4l can be extended using several modules. That way, you can created a router software perfectly suited for your needs. The official packages for example provide functionality to connect networks encrypted over the internet (VPN), filter potentially dangerous contents from websites you visit (proxy) or use fli4l in a virtual machine (XEN). In addition to those packages it is easy to extend fli4l using your own packages. You will need a certain level of Linux / Unix skills and have to read through the Developer Docs though. There is also a Database for such packages contributed by users.

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